Where did Roxizap go?

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Roxizap was an uninstall utility created by Roxio for the sole purpose of removing Creator 4 and 5. While it was helpful, it was not intended or updated to uninstall any applications other than Creator 4 & 5.

We have found many customers were using Roxizap to attempt uninstalls of other Roxio applications such as Creator 7 and higher. Since Roxizap affects deep registry entries of Roxio applications, some aspects of the registry maybe removed that can affect other products by Roxio that were not intended for Roxizap. This resulted, at times, in undesired results when used for versions 6 and later.

We decided to remove Roxizap. For this same reason, it's why Roxio also doesn't recommend using third party registry cleaners to remove Roxio software.

In the event should you feel the need to remove a Sonic or Roxio application, we recommend you to query Roxio's Clean Install instruction articles here. We feel and suggest, this is the best way to remove an older version of Roxio or Sonic software as it only effects the main registry keys and folders for the application at present. The success rate of using these instructions is over 95% for our customers with install issues.

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