Capturing video with Easy VHS to DVD for Mac

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To begin:

Introduction page

  1. Enter the name for your movie. This will become the file name for your captured video. Be sure to enter a descriptive title so you can easily find your clips in your video library.

Note: Choosing high quality will require significantly more hard disk space to capture your movie. Take note of the hard disk space requirement shown on this screen before beginning your capture, and ensure you have more than sufficient space available.

Connect Video page

The Connect Video page allows you to select between using the S-Video or Composite (RCA) connection. You can also preview your movie to ensure that your video displays correctly.

Connect Audio page

The Connect Audio page allows you to verify that audio can be captured correctly.

With your VCR or other video source playing back, you should now see the video, along with two horizontal bars below the preview window. These bars represent the left and right audio channels which accompany your video. As audio is played back, you will see indicators light up these bars. This indicates that your Mac will be able to correctly capture audio as part of your movie.

Record page

To start capturing your video:

  1. Click Play on your VCR or other video source. You may wish to rewind or fast-forward to a specific point of your video if you only wish to capture a specific segment.

Finish Up page

Now that your video has been captured and saved in your Movies folder, you can select one of the following options:


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