Understanding Streamer format and bit rate

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In the Streamer preferences, on the Advance tab, there is a setting for Video Quality. This controls the maximum bit rate for videos allowed by Streamer. This setting is also used by Toast when converting for Streamer. Streamer caps what the maximum bit rate allowed to stream and video will be re-encoded according to the settings. The maximum data rates allowed are:

Low: 330 kbps Max
Medium: 550 kbps Max
High: 760 kbps Max

Toast exports for these settings are the following:

Low: Video - 320x180 @ 200kbps, Audio: AAC 96kbps mono
Medium: Video 480x360 @ 400 kbps, Audio: AAC 128kbps mono
High: Video 480x360 @ 600kbps, Audio AAC 128kps stereo

The upload speed of your internet connection determines how fast video can be streamed from this computer to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or remote computer.

Internet connections with higher upload speeds are capable of streaming higher quality video. If you experience excessive delay in the streaming of video content, you should use the Low quality setting which requires the least bandwidth.


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