Converting video with Toast 11

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To convert a DVD or video files:

  1. Choose the Convert category and choose the appropriate project for your video source from one of the below options:
    • DVD Disc - Use an unprotected DVD-Video disc as your source.
    • Image File - Use a DVD-Video image file as your source.
    • VIDEO_TS Folders - Use one or more VIDEO_TS folders as your source.
    • Video Files - Use QuickTime, AVCHD, AVCHD Lite, MKV, EyeTV, TiVo recordings and more as your video source.
  2. If converting from DVD-Video or VIDEO_TS folders, insert your original DVD or drag and drop a valid image file or VIDEO_TS folder(s) into the Content Area. A summary of the content that will be copied appears in the Content Area. If you're using video files, such as TiVo and EyeTV recordings or other video clips, simply drag them in to the project area from the Finder or theMedia Browser.





Quality Presets

Save To Presets


Toast will convert your video. A progress bar is displayed at the bottom of the window.

Tip: You can pause or resume video encoding at any point to gain control of your machine by using the Pause or Resume buttons on screen.

Note: If you have selected iTunes as your Save To destination, your converted video will be automatically added to your iTunes library. A playlist called Toast will also be added to iTunes so that you can easily sync with your Apple device.


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