Toast : Toast installer does not recognize your email address or “email does not match”

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If you have just upgraded to a brand new Mac computer and are trying to install your Roxio Toast product on the new system, you may have found that the Toast installer is not accepting your email address and you are not able to proceed to the next screen.

There are two common scenarios for this issue:

  1. The email address you entered received a green check mark, and the Next button is active, but a “Registered email does not match” message appears at the bottom-left of the installer window;
  2. The email address you entered does not receive a green check mark, and the Next button remains greyed out.

Registered email does not match

One thing to note when entering your registered email address is that it is case-sensitive.


If you have already entered the email address you previously used to register your Toast product with, but you are unable to proceed to the next screen, you probably entered a character in uppercase or lowercase when the actual character that was registered uses the opposite case. This of course assumes that you have checked everything else and made sure the email address you inserted is the same email address that you used when you registered your product; and that it matches the masked email address (middle characters covered with asterisks) in the top field.


In the screenshot above, a lowercase “i” was used when the email address ( was registered, but the email address inserted below was entered with an uppercase “I”. In this case, although the inserted email address received a green check mark and the Next button appears to be active (i.e., is clickable and the same color as the Back button), a “Registered email does not match” message in red text appears at the bottom-left area of the installer screen, and clicking the Next button does not allow you to proceed to the next screen.


When this happens, double-check the email address that you registered and make sure you are entering it with all cases correct. Check all letters as the entire email address is case-sensitive, from the username (infinite_wifi), and server name (nemo), to the domain (com).


Email address matches but Next button is greyed out

If you encounter this problem, it means you are missing just one more step to proceed to the next screen: the Enter or Return key.


When you copy-paste your email address into the Email Address field, the Next button will remain greyed out until you hit the Enter/Return key on your keyboard. However, if you manually type in (as opposed to copy-pasting) your email address, after typing in the last character of the email address, the installer immediately recognizes your email address without you having to hit the Enter/Return key.

When copy-pasting the email address, the Next button remains greyed out, and you will not be able to proceed to the next screen:


Hitting the Enter key, the green check mark appears, and the Next button becomes active, and you can then proceed to the next screen:



In summary, the Next button becomes active only when:


If none of the above resolves your registered email address issue, please contact our technical support team.



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