Create or customize Toast DVD menu styles

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In order to make Toast DVD Menu styles you must have Adobe PhotoShop 8.x or higher installed on your MAC. The Menu styles support unique backgrounds at menu and sub-menu level, custom button sizes, shapes, numbers, and placement, and custom font types.

Each menu style is based on a multi-layer Photoshop file. To design a new menu style, simply edit the layers in the PSD file. The Toast compositing engine automatically generates the menus using the PSD file template and inserts the appropriate user entered text and button graphics at burn time.

Toast 8 and higher

  1. Choose the Video Menu option in Toast and then select DVD.

Toast 7

  1. Duplicate one of the existing menu styles psd file provided with Toast 7 or use the example menu style called Default.psdincluded with the Toast Menu Style Design Guide. The Toast Menu Style Design Guide is available here. To duplicate one of the styles included with Toast 7:
    • Control-click on the Do a command on the Toast 7 application icon (or right click on the Toast 7 icon) and select "Show Package Contents"
    • Open the "Contents" folder
  2. Open the "resources" folder
  3. Open the "Toast DVD Menu Styles" folder

Note that the Toast Menu Styles also apply for Video CDs and Super Video CDs.


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