How to Create a video DVD

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To create the video DVD:

1. Launch Toast

2. Click the "Video" tab

3. Select Video CD or Super Video CD in the disc drawer

4. Add the video content to the Toast window.There are several ways to do this:

a.Drag the video from its location into the Toast window
b.Select the Add button in Toast to select the video (any video that is grayed out is in a format that is not supported by QuickTime and Toast)

5. You can crop the video or select the button keyframe by choosing the "Edit" button.

6. To record the DVD press the red record button that is located at the bottom right hand side of the Toast window
Note:If you do not have a DVD player, Toast can create DVD content on a CD.Instead of inserting a DVD to burn the project, insert a CD.Recording a CD on a DVD is called a Mini-DVD and the recording time is limited to ~ 15 minutes.


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