Extracting video clips from non-copy protected DVDs with Toast 10

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# Launch Toast.

  1. Launch Media Browser then Select DVD in the first drop down menu.
  2. Select the different titles or clips in the second drop down menu so the videos appear in the blank area below.
  3. Drag the clips from the Media Browser window to the Toast Project window
  4. Click on the Extract button to extract the clips.
  5. To edit an extracted video clip:
    • Click the marker at the bottom of the player window where you want the edit to begin.
    • Drag the right half of that marker to where you want the edit to end.
    • To add extra edits to a clip, repeat the first two steps above. Note: The default edited between the red markers space is for what will be included in the converted video. If you want the portion that's outside the markers, click the Gear icon and choose Invert markers.
  6. When you're done setting the markers choose Save and close the Edit window. Toast will not modify the source video file, but only include what you have chosen to convert.
  7. Click the Red Button to begin converting.


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