Toast 17 - Missing Photos from Media Photos Section

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If you are experiencing an issue with Toast 17 where you cannot see or access your photos from its Photos section on the Media tab, please try to follow these steps below. 


Applies to Toast 17 Titanium and Toast 17 Pro



1. Close Toast 17. 

2. Close Photos app. 

3. Press and Hold the option key on the keyboard then launch Photos app. 

4. On the prompt, click on Create New... to create a new library. 

5. Name the library on the Save As: texbox.

6. On Where dropdown menu, select Pictures folder and click OK

7. Photos app will launch with no images in it. 

8. On the application menu, go to File > Import.

9. Select Pictures Folder or the folder where your pictures are and click Review for Import.

10. Click Import All New Photos.

11. Wait for the photos to be successfully imported. 

12. Close Photos app. 

13. Launch Toast 17 and your photos/pictures should now appear on the Photos section.  

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