Automatic and Custom Encoding options in Toast

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To change the Encoding Settings:

1. Start a new Music DVD or DVD-Video project

2. Click More in the left drawer and choose the Encoding tab.

3. Choose either Automatic or Custom:

4. If you selected Automatic, choose the Video Quality:


5. If you selected Custom, choose from the following video and audio encoding options:

Video Encoding Options:


Audio encoding options:

PCM audio should be used if you want to maintain 100% fidelity and only if the audio source is already uncompressed PCM, such as tracks on an audio CD or a high quality audio recording. If the audio files are already compressed (such as MP3 or AAC songs in your iTunes library) do not use PCM - it will not improve the sound quality. Toast records PCM at 48 kHz / 16 bit levels, which is higher than standard CD quality. Audio that has been recorded at 96 kHz / 24 bit is downsampled automatically unless you choose the 96 kHz / 24 bit option, which maintains the higher quality but significantly reduces disc space. When you choose PCM, any existing Dolby Digital audio files will be "passed through" without reconverting to PCM.

6. Click OK.

You can also click Reset Defaults if you want to reset the video and audio encoding to the default settings when Toast was first installed. The Toast Preferences contains options for setting the appropriate TV standard for your video discs.


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