How to Autostart Toast

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This process is different for each operating system:

Mac OS 9 (Toast 5 only)

There is an AutoStart function in the Mac Volume format. Please check Chapter 5 of your Toast user manual for additional details.

Mac OS X

There is no AutoStart function in Mac OS X itself. You can customize the appearance of a window but that is the extent of the customization. Here are the steps needed for that process:

  1. Create an image using Toast or Disc Copy.
  2. Mount the image.
  3. Adjust the window how you want it, icons, etc.
  4. Logout of the system. Leave the image open and don't do anything to it, just logout.
  5. Log back in and lock the image (using the show info command in the finder).
  6. Mount the image again or burn it if you want using Toast.


Windows requires a file named Autorun.inf, which is necessary to automatically complete tasks when a disk is inserted. This is basically a batch file that contains commands for Windows to run when the disk is inserted. This file must be saved as DOS text with line breaks. For more information on the Autorun.inf file, its contents, and its format, please check the Microsoft Knowledgebase.


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