How to manually remove Toast 17

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This is a complete guide on how to manually remove or clean uninstall Toast 17 from your Mac. 

Applies to Toast 17 Titanium and Toast 17 Pro

Important notes: It is recommended to back your machine up using time machine before proceeding in case you need to go back to the previous state of your mac. 



1. Open Finder and Go to Applications Folder. Look for Toast 17 Titanium folder and move it to Trash. 

Note: If you have older versions or other versions of Toast still installed, you will need trash them as well to avoid software conflicts.

2. While Finder window is active on the foreground, press and hold the alt/option key from your keyboard and on the application menu, click GO > Select Library folder from the drop down menu. This will open up the Library folder in Finder. 

Alternative method for accessing the Library folder.

-On the application menu at the top, click on "Go", and select "Go To Folder...". Type in "~/Library/Preferences", without the quotes.

3. Find and delete the quoted files from the said folders in the Library folder below. 

Application Support :


Caches :


Preferences :

"Roxio Toast Prefs"

Saved application state :





Note: You may also remove or delete any files that has Roxio or Toast.

4. Once you have remove the files mentioned above, close the Library folder and empty the Trash bin on your Mac.


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