How to import media files stored in an external device

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1. Launch PaintShop Photo 2010, VideoStudio 2010, or DVD Factory 2010;

2. Plug in your device on your computer (e.g. USB flash drive, portable hard drive, optical drives such as CD/DVD-ROM or BD-ROM, etc.);

3. Click on Yes to proceed to the next window called "Copy from other devices";

4. Expand the navigation tree at the left side pane of that window and browse on to your storage device.

5. Select the file/s to be copied in to Corel Digital Studio default folder; the media files are placed in the following folders:

  • Pictures, Videos, Music (Windows 7 and Windows Vista)
  • My Pictures, My Videos, My Music (Windows XP)

6. From the "To Folder" drop-down list, you may do one of the following

Select the folder where the files should be copied
Create a new folder by filling in the "To folder" field.

7. Click Import. Wait until the selected files are copied to the selected destination folder.


1. Before you begin, it is recommended that you install the latest drivers for your device.
2. Plugging in your device on your computer may be done before or after launching any Corel Digital Studio applications. Corel Digital Studio applications will automatically detect your external device/s.
3. When you are importing media files, you can avoid importing files that you have imported previously by enabling the Skip duplicates check box at the bottom of the import window.
4. When you are importing files, you can select all the files that display in the work area by marking the Select All check box.

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