The PaintShop Pro 2018/WinDVD Lite Creator NXT 7 Bundle Is Missing from Your Installation

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The PaintShop Pro 2018 and WinDVD (Lite version) installers, both located in a separate folder, will need to be manually run if you did not specifically select them ("Pro Content" option) for installation in the Creator NXT 7 installer stub. Refer to the screenshot below.


If you did select the “Pro Content” install option yet find that it did not install, you may have inadvertently cut the installation short by restarting the computer. After completing the main program's installation, it takes a few seconds for the Standard Content and Pro Content installation wizards to come up on your screen. Restarting the computer at this point will break the installation routine and the two content packages will not install.


At any rate, your software Content bundle can be installed independently of the main Creator NXT 7 software. In the Creator NXT 7 Pro installer folder you will find a sub-folder named "Creator NXT 7 Pro Content". This sub-folder contains the setup.exe file for the Pro Content package installer. Run the "setup" file by double-clicking it to start the installation.


The WinDVD version bundled with Creator NXT 7 Pro is the “Lite” version only and not the “Pro” version, as indicated by the “WINDVD Pro” folder name that contains its installer files.


You can select a "Custom" installation if you would only want to install one or the other software of the Pro Content package.


Once you click on the Next button, both WinDVD Lite and PaintShop Pro 2018 will prompt you to enter your license key (or serial number) in their respective installation wizards.

 Your license key(s) should be included in the confirmation email that was sent to you at the time of your purchase, if it was an ESD (electronic software distribution) purchase; they would be on a white sticker on the disk sleeve, if it was a physical product (or boxed) purchase.



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