PaintShop Pro 2020: In a previous version I had access to Perfectly Clear SE. How can I use this in PaintShop Pro 2020 Ultimate?

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PaintShop Pro 2019 included Perfectly Clear 3.5 SE, which doesn’t work with PaintShop Pro 2020. But we’ve replaced Perfectly Clear with the Corel version of GRFX Studio, which can be found in Effects > Plugins > AutoFX Software

If you want to continue working with Perfectly Clear, you can purchase the full version, which contains more features than the version included with PaintShop Pro 2019. To find this version, go to the Welcome Book, click Get More, filter the list to show Plugins, and purchase Perfectly Clear Complete 3.



You can also find the PaintShop Pro Q&A video here on the Discovery Center, where we answer more questions submitted by PaintShop Pro users

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