PaintShop Pro X9: How to control messages in PaintShop Pro X9

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How to control messages delivered by PaintShop Pro X9

You can control messages delivered by PaintShop Pro X9. This includes choosing the type of messages that appear and the frequency of tray notifications. Although not recommended, you can disable most messages.


Note: Many Corel products use tray notifications to communicate with users. If you choose to turn off tray messages for PaintShop Pro, you will still receive tray notifications from your other Corel products unless you turn off the tray notifications for each product. For other Corel products, refer to the product Help for more information about controlling messages..


To control messages delivered by PaintShop Pro X9

  1. In PaintShop Pro, click Help menu > Message Preferences.



2. In the Message Preferences window, do any of the following:


To clear messages that are already downloaded





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