PaintShop Pro 2018: How to disable advertisements / Popups

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In order to disable the advertisements coming from PaintShop Pro 2018, it is recommended to change the frequency of the messages to "Do not show me tray message for this application. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Launch PaintShop Pro 2018
2. Click on Help
3. Select Message Preferences

It will look similar to this:



4. Press the down arrow key and select "Do not show me tray message fro this application" and click OK.



This option will prevent advertisements from displaying within PaintShop Pro 2018


If the recommended solution does not work for you, I suggest to disable or delete the CorelUpdateHelper


1. Using the search box, to the right of the START icon from Windows, type: Task Scheduler and press Enter
2. Click on Task scheduler Library
3. Locate CorelUpdateHelperTask, right-click and select Disable or Delete
4. Locate CorelUpdateHelper TaskCore, right-click and select Disable or Delete
5. Click the X at the top right to close the dialog box


If all of the above solution does not solve the issue, please contact Corel Support Services



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