PaintShop® Pro 2019: Reasons to Upgrade

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1.  Performance enhancements boost speed and quality

Work more efficiently and achieve better results. Thanks to significant performance improvements in both features and functionality, PaintShop Pro 2019 is quicker and more robust than ever.

In response to user feedback, we’ve radically transformed the Crop tool to take advantage of your computer's GPU for a more responsive experience. Rotating and positioning PaintShop Pro's Crop tool is now 5x faster.

We listen to what you have to say. And we’ve made over 50 improvements to PaintShop Pro’s performance, stability and features, based on requests from you - our loyal users. From adding text to cropping, erasing, painting and working with brushes, our many revamps will make your editing experience smoother than ever.

One-Step Photo Fix just got faster. Now you can automatically apply several corrections to your photo at once, in much less time!

Enjoy ultra high definition resolution with 4K. PaintShop Pro 2019's support for high DPI monitors means user interface text will appear larger on screen, making it easier to see and work with.  

Combine PaintShop Pro with a graphics tablet for more expressive results.
PaintShop Pro 2019 supports all of the latest mainstream and WinTab-aware graphics tablets, as well as Windows Ink, so whether you’re drawing, painting, applying adjustments or effects, you can use a pen for more control.

Enjoy a more subtle Autosave. Work with more momentum and less interruptions, thanks to enhancements to the Autosave process. Now you have more control over the frequency of autosaving, and by default, you'll experience less disruptions. 


2.  Simplified with you in mind

We’re committed to focusing on removing the obstacles that stand in the way of your success. That’s why we've largely focussed on simplifying PaintShop Pro 2019 - for the best possible experience.

PaintShop Pro 2019 easily migrates your content from previous versions, for a seamless upgrade experience. Plugins, scripts, brush tips, color palettes, gradients, patterns, textures, and effects that you've previously installed will all be available in PaintShop Pro 2019.

We’ve extended the power of Crop—a favorite tool amongst photo editors —to include PaintShop Pro’s most used enhancement features, including Instant Effects, One-Step Photo Fix, and Depth of Field. Bringing these popular tools to the front of your Crop workflow saves you time and effort in achieving a perfect photo.

Increase PaintShop Pro 2019's text size for better visibility. Choose Small or Large text from the User Interface menu, to tailor your UI to you.


3.  Next-level creative innovation

Let new technologies, like artificial intelligence and deep learning, enhance your creativity in unprecedented ways. Immerse yourself in PaintShop Pro 2019 to experience a whole new level of creative innovation.

Create absolute masterpieces with the help of artificial intelligence. PaintShop Pro’s new Pic-to-Painting presets apply Deep Neural Networks to analyse your photo and turn it into a work of art that replicates the style of iconic artists. Choose from a number of creative presets to achieve the look of a famous painting.

Edit photographs taken with a 360° camera. Straighten a 360° photo with rotation or make it appear levelled. Remove and automatically replace the tripod in the image with PaintShop Pro's Magic Fill, or produce an interesting ‘planet-like’ effect.

At the very core of PaintShop Pro is creativity. Which is why we’ve added new brushes, color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes. Download the new patterns from the Welcome Book, and find the rest of the new content already built into PaintShop Pro.


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