Does Corel PaintShop Pro support the CMYK color space

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Corel PaintShop Pro does not support working directly in the CMYK color space.However, this program does have some support for CMYK color.

This support includes:

1.Channel Splitting.
2.CMYK Conversion.
3.CMYK Color Profile

Channel Splitting

An image stores its color information in channels. Theinformation contained in the channels depends on the color method being usedto define the image. With Paint Shop Pro, you have three choices forsplitting the channels. One of these choices in CMYK. When you separatethese channels, Paint Shop Pro creates individual grayscale images that youcan edit for each color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

To split the channels of your image into CMYK separations:

Choose Colors |Split Channel Split to CMYK

CMYK Conversion

In a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) conversion,PaintShop Pro replaces the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) colors you see on themonitor with the CMYK colors used in printing. You can then print a separatepage for each CMYK color by selecting the CMYK Separations option in thePrint Setup dialog box. This is useful forhigh-end printing.

Before printing the separations, configure the CMYK preferences to determinehow PaintShop Pro handles the conversion from RGB to CMYK, and then savethese preferences in a file called a profile. Use the CMYK ConversionPreferences dialog box to select the preferences.

CMYK Color Profile

Corel PaintShop Pro only offer the option of using the default printer's profiles as selected in the main Window's printer properties or those manually added, unlike most other imaging programs which offer any in the main colour profiles folder. So firstly you need to ensure that the printer you wish to print from is set as the system default, then access the color management option on the system printer properties and add any profiles for the printer that haven't been installed at the same time as the printer.

Start button | Setting | Printers and Faxes | right click on the printer you wish to print from | on the color management tab: check that any profiles you wish to print with are associated with the printer and select the manual profile configuration option on the driver.

1. File | Color Management | Color working space
2. In the drop down list of CMYK profiles you just installed choose US WebCoatedSWOP.

This will become the default conversion profile when you 'Save as' TIF>option CMYK.Now your files will be saved and converted using the same profile the printer uses


PaintShop Pro does save a CMYK TIFF file. When you save thisfile it will convert the image to a CMYK format. You can then take thisfile to your printer or a program that does support CMYK. If you open theimage in Paint Shop Pro again, it will be converted to RGB for editing.
To save the CMYK TIFF file:

1. Choose File | Save As
2. Choose Tagged Image Format (*.tif) from the 'Save As Type' drop down menu.
3. Click Options and choose CMYK from the options available.
4. Click OK, then click Save.

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