Digital Watermarking in Paintshop Pro

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A digital watermark is a permanent proof of authenticity for an image. While a computer can detect it, it is invisible to the viewer. A watermark contains information about the creator, the copyright, and the image. When a viewer chooses to see this information, the program opens a dialog box that contains a link to the Digimarc web page.

Reading a digital watermark

Whenever CorelPaintShop Pro opens an image, it automatically checks for a digital watermark. If one is detected, the program displays a copyright symbol in front of the filename on the title bar, and the Watermark Information dialog box appears. If CorelPaintShop Pro does not detect a watermark, it displays a message stating that no watermark was found. You can also view the Digimarc database page to get information about the creator.

Embedding a digital watermark

A digital watermark can only be embedded on a layer once since this prevents its quality from being degraded by further changes to the layer. If you try to embed a watermark in a layered image, CorelPaintShop Pro displays a message recommending that you flatten the image before proceeding.

When you embed a watermark, you can select the following options:

  creator ID
  image copyright dates
  image attributes
  restrictions on use
  watermark durability

You only need to configure the creator ID the first time you embed a watermark. You can change the copyright date, image attributes, and durability each time you embed a watermark.

Setting the watermark durability

The watermark durability indicates how visible watermarks are on the image. For images to be printed, use stronger watermarks. For images to be displayed on a monitor, use weaker watermarks because they are not as visible. While stronger watermarks are easier to detect, and harder to remove, they are also more visible in the image. You can make two copies of the image and apply a stronger watermark to the copy you are printing and a weaker one to the copy you are displaying electronically.

Personalizing the Creator ID

Customizing the watermark with your own identification number requires the following two steps:

  Register with Digimarc to obtain your own ID number.
  Type the information in the Personalize Creator ID dialog box.

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