PaintShop Pro 2020: How to apply the current Texture

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In the Edit tab, On the Materials pallete. Click the Texture button on the Material pallete on the Foreground and Stroke Properties box or the Background and Fill Properties box. (The most recently chosen texture becomes active).



To choose a Texture

 On the materials pallete:

To choose a foreground texture, click the Foreground and Stroke Properties box.


To choose a background texture, click the Background and Stroke Properties box.


The Materials Properties dialog box appears.

Click the Texture button.
On the Texture page, mark the Add Texture check box.
Select and click the preferred texture thumbnail.
Click Ok.


You can adjust the following controls for the texture:

•Angle — specifies the angle (or direction) of the texture, from 0 to 359 degrees

•Scale — specifies the scale (from 10 to 250) of the image’s actual size. At smaller values, the image is repeated more frequently throughout the texture. At larger values, the image may be cropped or may lose detail and become blurry.

As you adjust these controls, the Current preview box displays the resulting material (the style plus the texture).


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