Corel® PaintShop Pro's Auto-Preserve Folder

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PaintShop Pro's Auto-Preserve folder


When working with images, it is highly recommended creating duplicate copies instead of working on the original file. This is to maintain the original images from being distorted from any previous editing. By default, Corel® PaintShop Pro saves the original files from the edited photos in an Auto-Preserve folder once theSave option is selected. By default however, the Auto-Preserve folder is hidden within Windows® and it cannot be seen until Windows® is told that this folder needs to be visible. The following steps in this article will explain not only how to enable or disable the Auto-Preserve folder, but also how to make a hidden folder visible within Windows® in order to be visible in Corel® PaintShop Pro.

How to Enable Auto-Preserve in PaintShop Pro


To avoid the accidental deletion, the program now makes this folder with Hidden mode at its attributes. To show..

In Windows XP:

1. Click START ▸ Control Panel ▸ Folder Options


In Vista or Windows 7:

1. Select Start button ▸ Control Panel ▸ Appearance and Personalization ▸ click Folder Options

2. In the new window, click the View tab. Under the Advanced settings section, place a dot in the Show hidden files, folders, and drives radio button.

3. Click Ok.


The Corel Auto-Preserve folder will now be visible in the same folder that has any previously edited images.

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