PaintShop Pro 2020: How to Install ParticleShop plugin in Paintshop Pro 2020

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using the Essentials workspace in PaintShop Pro 2020, you will need to switch to the Complete workspace to be able to set file location preferences. You can switch workspaces by going to File > Workspaces


Launch Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 and go to File menu > Preferences > File Locations


Select the Plug-ins item in the File Types > In the right part check Enable plug-ins > Press the Add button


Browse to find the plugin's folder: C:\Program Files\Corel\ParticleShop\PhotoshopPlugin >Press OK


Press OK to import the plugin


Now you can find the installed plug-ins in Effects > Plugins > Painter > ParticleShop


Note: The plugin is greyed out if there is no image loaded or open in the workspace so you need to open first an image so it will be available.


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