How to make sure that PSIMAGE is backward compatible to older version of PaintShop Pro

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You can save your "PSIMAGE" and make it backward compatible down-to PaintShop Pro 5. To make your PSIMAGE file compatible to older version of PaintShop Pro, please follow these steps.

1. When you are done with all the editing and adjustment to your photo, you can click on FILE > SAVE AS....

2. Then on SAVE AS screen make sure PSPIMAGE is selected for the "SAVE AS TYPE" box, then on the lower-right corner of the screen click OPTIONS... button to open the SAVE OPTION button.

3. On the SAVE OPTION screen go to Version section and click on the SAVE AS: box select which old version you like your PSPIMAGE to be compatible with the just click on OK then SAVE the file.

NOTE: Remember that the latest version of PaintShop Pro can open PSPIMAGE saved from any older version of the program.

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