ParticleShop: How to manually remove ParticleShop from Windows

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Below you will find the instructions to manually remove ParticleShop onto your system.

These steps are to be performed if you are unable to uninstall ParticleShop in Windows using Programs and Features, Uninstall a program, or if you are unable to reinstall and the program is not present.


Note: Before you start, ensure you have the necessary information such as link and serial number to reinstall.


Part One - Windows Explorer

 1) Open File Explorer

2) Navigate to C:\Windows\Installer

3) Change your view to "details"

4) Right click on the sorting tool bar, and select Title

5) Click on Title to sort the list alphabetically

6) Scroll through the list, regarding the items under Title, and delete all Particleshop,entries

7) Change the location then to C:\Program Files\Corel

8) Delete the folder Particleshop


Part Two - Windows Registry

NOTE: Be sure once entering, to click File> Export> And save a copy of your registry before continuing. Be also sure that the Export Range on the bottom left, is set to All before you press save.


1) On your keyboard, hold the Windows Key down and tap the letter R

2) In the run box that appears, type in regedit and press enter

NOTE – To drill down to the necessary locations, simply double click on each heading to expanding the list

3) Navigate to the following locations and delete the keys specified:













4) Close the registry

5) Restart the computer


Part Three - You are ready to reinstall

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