Overview of Layer Styles In PaintShop Pro

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How to use Layer Styles

You can create visually interesting and creative designs to a layer of a text or shape.  This feature can only be applied to raster and vector layers.  Layer Styles function have six effects:

Outer Glow
Inner Glow
Drop Shadow

  1. Right-click on one of the raster/vector layers in the Layers Palette
  2. Select Properties                                                                  


      3.  Layer Styles tab


      4. Add a checkmark to the Preview on Image box to view adjustments done to the image in real time.


How to apply Layer Styles

  1. Right-click on a layer in the Layers Palette, choose Properties and then click on the Layer Styles tab
  2. Select the preferred Layer Style
  3. Drag the Size slider to set the speed with which the reflection fades in comparison with the original layer data
  4. Drag the Opacity slider to set the intensity of the reflection’s overall lightness
  5. Drag the red Reflection Distance control line to set the horizontal axis about which all layer data is reflected. (in exemption to Outer Glow layer style) 

                                  Reflection Style                                                                                           Outer Glow


                                              Bevel                                                                                                     Emboss


                                           Inner Glow                                                                                                   Drop Shadow


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