Corel® PaintShop® Pro 2020 - Reasons to Upgrade

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1) Accelerated tools and power for faster results
It just keeps getting better! Put your favorite tools to the test and experience remarkable
performance and speed improvements designed to enhance your workflow and efficiency.
PaintShop Pro 2020 is faster and stronger than ever so you can spend more time doing what you

2) Adaptable and intuitive for all types of workflows
Just like every photo is unique, so are you. And so is the way you like to work. Take your pick of
three different adaptable and intuitive workspaces to complement your project workflow. Each
workspace was built with a custom toolset and features in order to simplify everything from quick
edits, to complex compositions.

NEW Copy and Paste Layer Styles
Layers are an essential component of your workflow. Work with more momentum and ease with
the ability to replicate style settings from one layer to another. With one simple click, you can
easily copy and paste the details you previously had to manually input.

Improved Depth of Field precision
Experience an amazing increase in precision while using the Depth of Field feature on your Crop

Latest stylus and graphics tablet support
Combine PaintShop Pro with a graphics tablet for more expressive results. PaintShop Pro
supports all of the latest mainstream and WinTab-aware graphics tablets, as well as Windows
Ink, so whether you’re drawing, painting, applying adjustments or effects, you can use a pen for
more control.

3) Progressive and innovative using current technology
Turning your vision into reality has never been easier with the latest technology engineered into
PaintShop Pro. High-powered functions and tools make creating something truly original,

1.Accelerated tools and power
      - 200% Faster Text Rendering
      - Up to 30% Faster Text Editing
      - Faster Text Wrap
      - Improvements based on direct user feedback
      - Faster Pic-to-Painting

2. Adaptable and intuitive
      - New Copy and Paste Layer Styles
      - Improved Depth of Field precision
      - Latest stylus and graphics tablet support

3. Progressive and innovative
      - New Touch-Ready Photography Workspace
      - New SmartClone
      - New Refine Brush
      - New Creative Content

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