Adding Instant Effects in PaintShop Pro

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The new Instant Effects in PaintShop Pro allow you to spice up your photos by adding fun filters to them! You will learn how to apply mood to your photos in one click.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

Instant Effects

1. Open PaintShop Pro and make sure you're in the Adjust Workspace.

2. In the Adjust Workspace you will notice that there are various options displayed on the left hand side of your screen. These resources are available for you to make any minor necessary adjustments prior to using the Instant Effects feature. The Smart Photo Fix feature will suggest photo settings to make it easy for you!

Click on the Show Navigation icon to locate the images you wish to work with. After selecting the folder, click the icon again to hide the Navigation Palette.

The Instant Effects Palette is open by default in the Adjust section of PaintShop Pro and appears on the right hand side of the screen. If the palette is closed accidentally it can be re-opened by pressing the key combination Shift+F2 on your keyboard or selecting it from the Palettes section of the View menu.

Each effect is shown as a thumbnail to show you what the result will be when it is used on the image.

1. Click on the photo from the tray below to bring it into the center of the screen.

2. Double click on any of the Instant Effect thumbnails to apply the effect to the image.

The first time you use Instant Effects, the Getting Started Window will pop up and display useful information. This window will pop up each time you use an effect until you disable it by checking Don’t show this window again in the bottom left corner of the window.

3. Click Close on the Getting Started Window and you will see the effect has been applied to the image.


To remove an effect, click the left pointing arrow at the top of your screen or use the key combination Ctrl+Z on your keyboard to undo the effect.

Instant Effects are great for applying themes to your photos.

Ever wanted to put yourself back in time? Using the Film Styles effects, you can make your pictures look like a blast from the past.

Or, any of the Retro Effects are also great for making an otherwise ordinary profile photo have a trendy, vintage edge.

Remember that these effects can also be combined; in this first example the Retro Surreal Effect is used, followed by the Instant Film Effect to produce a result that looks like a postcard.

There are no rules when it comes to using Instant Effects – Half the fun in using them is the unique ability to pick and choose which combination you want to apply to your photos.

In this next example, Sepia, Albumen and then Instant Film are used together to create a very unique black and gold look.

As you can see, Instant Effects have limitless possibilities for adding artistic flare to your Facebook or Twitter profile photos.

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the other tutorials that are available in the Discovery Center. If you have any ideas for tutorials or projects that you would like to see in the future, please leave us some Feedback.


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