How to solve the pressure variance issue when connecting a Huion tablet with PaintShop Pro

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PaintShop Pro is compatible with Wacom tablets (since X2) and WinRTS devices (since X9). When connecting a Huion tablet with PaintShop Pro, it is only recognized as a “Point Device” instead of a “Tablet” and there are difficulties with the pressure variance function.

Temporary solution:

  1. Disconnect tablet from computer and uninstall tablet software.
  2. Open Device Manager and remove ALL pen and tablet drivers. This includes the Digitizer driver.
  4. Restart computer, and DO NOT PLUG IN TABLET.
  5. Open Device Manager. Some of the tablet drivers will be re-installed by windows. Disable them. (Without doing this, the new install will not work correctly.)
  6. Install the software for the tablet, but do not plug it into the system. When the install is complete, RESTART THE COMPUTER.
  7. After you restart the computer and login, plugin the tablet. Now you can re-enable the internet connection.
  8. Open the tablet software and make sure that the "Support Tablet PC" box is checked.


After completing the steps above, the Huion tablet pressure variance will be able to work with PaintShop Pro.

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