PaintShop® Pro 2019 Ultimate: Reasons to Buy

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The ultimate photo editing toolset

Create superior photos and original design projects with PaintShop Pro’s expansive collection of professional photo editing tools. Plus enjoy four high-value applications that will enrich your photo editing toolset, and expand your expertise into the realm of animation and digital art. PaintShop Pro® 2019 Ultimate offers photo animation, photo-painting, intelligent image correction, RAW photo editing, creative content, and so much more. Best of all, every new PaintShop Pro 2019 feature was carefully crafted based on user ideas and requests. Come see why PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate is your affordable, user-friendly alternative to Photoshop.


Exclusive Ultimate Bonus Software Collection:


  1. New! PhotoMirage™ Express

Effortlessly transform any image into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes with PhotoMirage Express. Bringing your photos to life is ridiculously easy and addictively fun, and sharing your masterpieces on social media is a breeze. Use PhotoMirage Express to create awe-inspiring photo animations that captivate, engage and transfix.

  1. New! Painter® Essentials™ 6

Become a digital artist with Painter Essentials 6. This easy-to-learn painting program will transform your photos into amazing oil, pastel or impressionist works of art. Or learn to paint, draw and sketch from scratch in an welcoming environment, using pencils, pens and particles.

  1. New! Perfectly Clear 3.5 SE

Trust intelligent image analysis to find and fix camera flaws and limitations automatically. With Perfectly Clear 3.5 SE, you’re photos are seconds from perfection, thanks to award-winning one-click image correction technology that does all the complex work for you!

  1. Corel® AfterShot™ 3

Quickly learn professional-grade RAW photo editing and take control of very large photo collections with Corel AfterShot 3. Make easy corrections and enhancements, and save time with batch processing tools that let you apply adjustments to one or thousands of photos at once.

  1. Corel® Creative Collection

Expand your creative capabilities with dozens of brushes, textures, and over 100 royalty-free backgrounds. Enhance your photo projects with playful designs, flowers, sunsets and more, along with an array of lively brushstrokes.


PaintShop Pro 2019:

1.  Powerful photo editing and graphic design software. Outstanding results.

Create superior photos and original design projects with an expansive collection of professional photo editing tools. Whether you're new to PaintShop Pro, or you’re a photo-editing guru, there’s a workspace to suit your workflow and skill level.

 The Essentials Workspace - Find all the core tools you need for photo editing and design in a streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate. It's the perfect workspace for new users and those looking to get the job done quickly.

 The Complete Workspace -  Enjoy all the classic, professional photo editing features that set PaintShop Pro apart from the rest. Use this full-featured workspace for pro-level photo management, editing and design.


2.  Make an impact with professional-level photo editing

Depend on a versatile range of professional image editing tools for photo adjustment and composition.

Layers and masks are essential for advanced image editing, compositing and graphic design. Use multiple, non-destructive layers when editing images to create photo composites with ease. Create masks to hide or show parts of a layer, fade between layers, and to create special effects with precision.

Alter your photos using a wide variety of powerful adjustment tools, including Brightness and Contrast, Fill Light and Clarity, Fade Correction, White Balance, Hue and Saturation, Noise Removal, Vibrancy, Sharpening, color correction and more. Adjust your image’s tonal range with levels and curves.

Manage and save metadata in your RAW files, giving you more control over the information contained in your images. PaintShop Pro’s RAW Lab gives you more freedom to correct problem areas, such as recovering blown highlights or adjusting shadows, resulting in a higher quality final image.

Reduce repetition and accelerate complex photo-editing actions with Scripts. Record a series of edits as a script to apply to any photo, anytime.

Automate edits on large groups of photos with batch processing to save time. Simultaneously apply adjustments to multiple photos at once, like adding a watermark, picture frame, or simply resizing.

Combine several photos of the same scene with different exposures to create one stunning, HDR photo. PaintShop Pro’s HDR tools let you access a broader tonal range for a breathtaking final image.

Fix lens related issues in your photos. Use Lens Correction tools to automatically correct the distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations.

Open a world of creative possibilities with support for 64-bit third-party plugin tools, including Adobe plugins.

Edit photographs taken with a 360° degree camera. Straighten a 360° photo with rotation or make it appear levelled. Remove and automatically replace the tripod in the image with PaintShop Pro's Magic Fill, or produce an interesting ‘planet-like’ effect.


3.  Create impressive design projects

Whether you’re creating collages, designing banners and graphics, or adding creative touches to photo projects, PaintShop Pro is packed with creative tools for creative people. Design with text, brushes, textures, and drawing and painting tools to quickly and easily create attention-grabbing designs.

Add text to images to create interesting projects, like a meme or a picture quote. Adjust fonts, size, style, alignment, leading and kerning, with a complete set of typography tools.

Paint even more possibilities with new built-in brushes, or import Adobe Photoshop brushes to bring your digital designs to life. Draw with vector illustration tools, and use new color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes to take your designs to the next level.

You don’t need to be an expert to create professional-looking projects. Make collages, personalized greeting cards, social media images, brochures and more, with the help of professional-looking creative templates. No need to start from scratch.


4. Improve any photo with quick fixes

PaintShop Pro is packed with quick-fix tools that will improve any photo in no time. Crop, straighten, resize, enhance and retouch, or use one click-adjustments to instantly correct.

Crop with confidence. Easily trim unwanted areas to alter the focus of an image using composition guides, like Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds. Improve your photo further with popular image enhancement features - all without leaving the Crop tool.

If you want to quickly bring out the best in your photo, let One Step Photo Fix automatically apply color and sharpening corrections for you. Or use Smart photo fix to fine-tune the suggested settings for a perfect photo.

Use the Straighten tool to fix a crooked horizon, or the Perspective Correction tool to make a photo appear as though it was taken from a different angle.

Apply cosmetic changes to make a photo flawless. Remove red-eye, whiten teeth, smooth skin, remove wrinkles and add a suntan.

Whether you’re uploading images, sending them to be printed, or creating a photo gift, PaintShop Pro makes resizing your images a breeze. Choose from one of several presets, or resize by pixels, percentage or print size.


5.  Retouch or restore your favorite photos

PaintShop Pro provides you with many creative ways to retouch your images. Whether you want to remove a small scratch, erase the entire background, or simply correct red-eye, you’ll find the specialized tool you need.

Choose from many handy selection tools to adjust or retouch one area of a photo, or to copy a portion of a photo and paste it into another photo. Use the Smart Selection brush to automatically create a selection by brushing over the area you want to select.

Eliminate imperfections and unwanted photo elements using the Object Remover or Clone Brush. Or try content-aware editing tools, like Magic Move and Magic Fill, to automatically fill the empty area when you move or remove an object from your image, so it matches the surrounding background.

Make old images look new again. Choose the Scratch Remover to repair unsightly cracks in tattered photos, or the Fade Correction tool to restore contrast and color to faded pictures.

Red-eye is a common photo problem. Fix it quickly and easily with PaintShop Pro’s Red Eye tool which replaces the red in the pupil with natural-looking dark gray.


6.   Add effects for attention-grabbing photos

Make photos pop with creative filters. Or create your own effects to produce original images. Browse hundreds of effects, including 3D, artistic, illumination and reflection, to add drop shadows and borders to images, or turn photos into a sketch or painting.

Create absolute masterpieces with the help of Artificial Intelligence. PaintShop Pro’s new Pic-to-Painting presets apply Deep Neural Networks to analyse your photo and turn it into a work of art that replicates the style of iconic artists. Choose from a number of creative presets to achieve the look of a famous painting.

Add a blur. Play with depth of field in your photos or apply bokeh effects to keep parts of the image in focus and the rest blurred. Or use Selective Focus for a Tilt-Shift effect, to make life-sized image look like a miniature-scale model.

Recreate vintage photographic styles, from the 40’s to the 80’s with PaintShop Pro’s Time Machine. Or try the Retro Lab to apply fun retro affects, complete with punchy colors, contrast, and blurred or vignette edges. Film and Filter effects, inspired by different types of traditional camera film and filters, is yet another way to achieve a vintage look.

Experiment with instant effects. Preview a variety of preset photo effects such as Film Styles, Black & White, Landscape, Retro, Traditional and Artistic, before applying them to your photo. Stack multiple effects for even more impact.


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