How to make PaintShop Pro my default program for pictures.

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Step 1

Open Paint Shop™ Pro® and select File | Preferences | File Format Associations. In the File Format Associations dialog box, select the file types you would like associated with Paint Shop™ Pro® and click Ok. Test the file association by double-clicking a file.

Step 2

The following Windows procedure can be used if the previous failed to associate the file type.

1. Right click on a file that is of the file type you would like to be associated with Paint Shop™ Pro®, e.g. mypicture.jpg

2. Select Open with | Choose program.  

3. Select Paint Shop Pro from the list of available programs by clicking it once.

4. Click the box at the bottom that says, "Always use this program to open these files" - (only available in Windows XP)

5. Click OK.

This will associate all files of this type with Paint Shop™ Pro®. You will need to repeat this procedure for each type of file you would like to associate.

Once you have the files associated with Paint Shop™ Pro®, they will open in Paint Shop™ Pro® when you double click on them. The files will also be represented by the Paint Shop™ Pro® icon.

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