Save images or files in a PDF format in PaintShop Pro X5

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PaintShop Pro does not have an option to Save, Save as, or even export to PDF file format.

You would need to have either Corel PDF Fusion or Adobe Acrobat which would also install a printer driver for PDF file format.


Once you have installed a PDF printer driver, and you are ready to save the file as a PDF;

1. Click on File > Print
2. Select your printer but this time select PDF. The printer driver may appear different depends on the driver that you have installed.

For this instance, we have installed Corel PDF Fusion which includes PDF Creator.

3. If you are satisfied with the printer settings, then click on Print.
4. Create Document settings would appear, you can change the setup or add a password for security.

5. Once your ready, select save to create your file or image into a PDF file format.

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