How to Fit Text to Path in Paint Shop Pro

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Create text that fits any vector object-line or shape. Every vector object in Paint Shop Pro has a path (or outline) that defines its shape. Use this object path to create text with interesting variations.

Note: You cannot create deformed text on a path, Paint Shop Pro removes the deformation when placing the text on the path.

There are two ways to create text on a path: - Create the path (a line or shape), then create new text on the path. - Create the path and the text as separate objects, then fit the text to the path.


To create new text on a path:

1. Use the Line or Preset Shapes tool to create a vector line or vector shape.

2. Click the Text tool.

3. On the Tool Options palette, in the Create as drop-down list choose Vector.

4. Select other options (font, size, alignment and so on) as desired.

5. Move the cursor over the line or shape until the cursor changes to a text cursor that appears slanted, and then click. The Text Entry dialog displays.

6. Enter the text and click OK. The text displays along the path of the shape.

Note: To change the distance between the text and the object path, change the text leading.


To fit existing text to a path:

  1. Choose the Pick Tool
  2. Create your object on a new Vector layer by clicking on Selections > New Vector Layer
  3. Create a Vector Object by clicking on downwards triangle to the left of the Preset Shape Tool
  4. Select the Elipse Tool
  5. In the Tool Options palette, select the circle option
  6. Create the circle. Make sure that Fill color is different from the font color. Better still, have the Fill and Background Properties transparent. You can adjust the Fill and Background Properties located in the Materials Palette.
  7. Select your Pick tool
  8. Draw a selection box over the text and object by holding down the mouse button and dragging a rectangle over them both
  9. Click on Objects > Fit Text to Curves

Note: After you align text to a vector object, you can make the object invisible. On the Layer palette, click the Visibility button of the object.

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