Using custom icons in toolbars in WordPerfect Office X7 and later

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Using custom icons in toolbars

Now WordPerfect lets you use 32bpp full colour images with transparency as toolbar icons! For best results, we recommend that you

create a 24­bit, 16 x 16 pixel PNG image with an 8­bit alpha transparency channel.


To use a custom image for a toolbar icon

1. Create a new icon by using an image­editing application, such as Corel PaintShop Pro, which supports PNG graphics with alpha channel transparency.

2. In WordPerfect, right­click on a toolbar, and click Edit.

3. On the toolbar, right­click the icon that you want to change, and click Customize.

4. In the Customize button dialog box, click Import.

5. Browse to the folder where you store your PNG image, click the image, and then click Open.

6. Click OK to close the Customize button dialog box.

7. Click OK to close the Toolbar editor dialog box.

If you don’t want to create your own icon, search the Internet for free 16 x16 pixel PNG icons.



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