WordPerfect: How to Open a closed or missing address book in WordPerfect

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This article applies to WordPerfect X3 onward.
Sometimes after a reinstall a WordPerfect address book may not automatically re-open. In this case, you'll need to open it. Here's how:
1. Open WordPerfect
2. Click Tools, Address Book
3. Click File, Open
4. If you see the Address book(s) listed here:
4a. Double-click on the first address book listed.
4b. If that was the last address book you needed to open, great! You're done.
4c. If you need to open more address books, go to step 3.
5. If you do NOT see it listed, click "CorelCENTRAL..." at the right.
6. If you see your address book listed:
6a. Highlight it and click OK
6b. If that was the last one, great! You're done.
6c. If not, go to Step 3.
7. If you don't see your books listed, you can click the file folder icon at the end of the path. If your files were restored from a backup, they may have been restored to a different location.

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