Repair Installation Procedure for WordPerfect Office X5 X6 X7

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In WordPerfect it is possible to do a repair installation of the software to help resolve minor issues that may be experienced caused by some missing install component.


To repair a WordPerfect Office X5 / X6 / X7 Installation:

(1)  CLOSE all open applications including the WordPerfect Office X5/X6/X7.

(2)  On your keyboard, press and hold the "Windows Logo" and the "R" keys to launch the "Run" dialog box.

(3)  On the "Run" box, type:  appwiz.cpl

(4)  Click "OK" or press "Enter" to open the Programs and Features folder window.

(5)  Right-click on WordPerfect Office X5/X6/X7 from the Currently installed programs list and left-click to Uninstall.

(6)  In the WordPerfect Office X5/X6/X7 InstallShield wizard, enable the "Repair" option.

(7)  Click "Next", and follow the instructions that appear.

(8)  When the process is complete, click "Finish".

(9)  DO NOT LAUNCH ANY of the WordPerfect Office X5/X6/X7 PROGRAMS. 

(10) Please restart your computer for any changes to take effect.

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