WordPerfect: How to turn on hyphenation by default for new documents

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Follow the steps outlined below to turn on hyphenation by default for new documents.

  1. In WordPerfect, select the "Format" menu and then "Styles..."
  2. Select "DocumentStyle" in the "Available styles:" list
  3. Select "Options" button and select "Settings..." from the dropdown menu
  4. Under "Save new styles to" select "Default template" radio button
  5. Click "OK" to close that dialog to return to "Styles" dialog
  6. Select "DocumentStyle" again
  7. Click on "Edit..." button
  8. Move cursor after any codes in the "Contents:" editing area
  9. Click on "Tools" > "Language" > "Hyphenation..." to show the "Line Hyphenation" dialog
  10. Enable the "Turn hyphenation on" checkbox
  11. Click "OK" in "Line Hyphenation" dialog - the code will be inserted at the position of the cursor in the "Contents" field
  12. Click "OK" in the "Styles Editor" dialog to return to the "Styles" dialog
  13. Click "Close" to save the setting to the default template
  14. After this, all new documents will have hyphenation on by default

Note: This may need to be repeated for any custom templates created

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