How to clear Page Numbering in a document to resolve page numbering issues

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Sometimes page numbering may not work out as may be expected in the document for various reasons. Whether there were codes copied from another source that caused a problem, or page numbering has been set more than once, this information needs to be cleared out in order that page numbering can be redone and fixed in the document.

This document will cover the steps to find and eliminate codes in the document that can impact page numbering. Once these codes have been completely removed you will then be able to set page numbering up as expected in the document.

To clear page numbering using the Find and Replace feature in WordPerfect® :

  1. With your document open in the foreground on your screen Click on Edit -> Find and Replace
  2. Set the option for replace with to by selecting that option from the dropdown list provided.
  3. Delete any text or codes shown in the "Find" field
  4. Click Match -> Codes...
  5. In the codes list displayed single click to highlight the code you wish to search for. (A list of codes you need to search for individually will be provided bellow)
  6. Click insert and close to insert that code into the Find field
  7. Click the "Replace All" button
  8. If any codes are found click OK to the message that informs you of this and click "Replace All"again to do a second check.
  9. If prompted that no codes have been found "Do you want to continue searching at the beginning of the document?". Click YES
  10. Repeat steps 3 through 9 for to find and remove each of the codes listed bellow.

The list of codes to search for individually are as follows:

  • Delay
  • Delay Codes
  • Pg Num Dec
  • Pg Num Disp
  • Pg Num Fmt
  • Pg Num Inc
  • Pg Num Meth
  • Pg Num Pos
  • Pg Num Set

Once each of the codes have been removed using the above steps page numbering codes should now be removed from the document. At this point you will be able to begin re-adding in page numbering as needed.


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