I just bought the Office Ready templates, where do I find the WordPerfect® Office Ready?

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After purchasing and downloading a WordPerfect® Office Ready solution pack you may receive the error"Solution Pack installation cannot continue because an installation of WordPerfect OfficeReady was not detected on your computer", when you click on the Icon for the solution pack.

To use the WordPerfect® Office Ready solution packs you will need the Template browser called WordPerfect Office Ready. The most current version can be downloaded for free from the following page: WordPerfect OfficeReady

To install the application:

  1. Double-click on the file you have just downloaded WordPerfect_OfficeReady1.5_CBP.exe.
  2. Follow the installation screens to complete the installation.

After the Office Ready application is installed, you will be able to install the template pack.

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