Modifying the Installation to Add or Remove WordPerfect Office Suite X6 Featured Programs

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During the installation of the WordPerfect Office X6, you are given the option to choose which featured programs (such as the WordPerfect X6, Quattro Pro X6, Presentations X6 and WordPerfect Lightning) to install in the WordPerfect Office Suite X6.

If you would like to add, change or remove any program that is currently installed, you can perform a modification of the WordPerfect Office X6 installation. To modify WordPerfect Office X6, please follow these steps:

(1) Close all applications.

(2) On the Windows Taskbar, click Start and click Control Panel.

(3)Click Add or Remove Programs (For Windows XP)
Under the Programs category, click Uninstall a program. Search and click the Programs and Features icon.

(4)Select to highlight WordPerfect Office X6 and click Remove.The setup appears.(For Windows XP)
Double-click WordPerfect Office X6 on the Uninstall or change a program page. The setup appears.

(5) Enable by clicking the Modify option, and then click Next.

(6) Follow the setup instructions.

(7) Choose which program(s) you would like to add by keeping or putting a check mark on the program(s). Uncheck or remove the check mark on which program(s) to remove.

(8) Click Begin and follow the setup instructions.

(9) Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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