How to Create a New Document from Existing PDF files in PDF Fusion

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How to Create a New Document from Existing PDF files in PDF Fusion

Use the following procedure to create a new document from existing files: 1. Select File > New or click the New icon to open a new target document. > A new “untitled” document appears with the default file type. This file type can be changed seeNew file type.

2. Display the new document in Assembly View.

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New document in Assembly View

3. Drag and drop, onto the Assembly View, the source files from which you want to create your new document. Alternatively, select File > Open or click the Open icon and then navigate to the source document and select it. Repeat this for each source document.

Note: If you are using more source documents than can be displayed, use the scroll bar (1) at the right side of the source document window to display those documents.

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Multiple documents displayed 4. Drag and drop the required pages from the source documents onto the new target document.

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Drag and drop single pages

5. You can select more than one page at a time. The number of pages you are moving is displayed and the yellow bar (next to page 2) indicates where the pages are going to be dropped.


Drag and drop multiple pages

6. You can place pages in between other pages in the target document.

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Placing pages between other pages

Note: When you drag and drop pages from one document to another a yellow bar appears indicating exactly where the pages are dropped.

7. Right-click on the page and select Delete from the pop-up menu to remove the blank page.

Note: Any document must contain at least one page. Therefore, you can delete the pages of a document only until the last pages remains.

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Delete a page

8. Here’s the completed new document.

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The completed document

9. Select File > Save when you are happy with the new document. This displays the Save dialog.

Note: If you have created a new document using the pages of an existing document, the new document must be saved before you can re-save the existing document to its current name. You can, however, use the Save as option.

10. Enter a name for the document in the File name option.

11. Select the output format for your document in the Files of type option.

12. Click Save to complete the process. Select Cancel to abort the save.


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