Creating and Modifying Envelopes in Corel® WordPerfect Office

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Creating and Modifying Envelopes 


When creating an envelope, mailing and return addresses can be typed in or selected from an address book.  Addresses can be inserted by using Corel'®' WordPerfect Office or Microsoft'®'Outlook address book.  To use a Microsoft® Outlook address book, you must configure WordPerfect to use it as the default address book.  


Corel® WordPerfect can change the settings of a new created or an existing envelope.  It can change the position of the return and mailing addresses, as well as the size of an envelope.  Corel®WordPerfect can also create a custom envelope size simply by specifying an envelope’s dimensions. 


Note:  It is possible to insert a POSTNET bar code, using an 11-digit delivery point bar code, a 9-digit ZIP code, or a 5-digit ZIP code'. 



To create an envelope   


1.   Click Format ▸ Envelope

2.   Click in the From box ▸ type the return address. 

3.   Click in the To box▸ type the mailing address. 

4.   In the Options area, adjust settings according to preference

5.   Select one of the following: 



To Insert an address from an address book


1.  Click the Address Book  button in one of the following areas: 


In the Address book

1.  Click an address entry ▸ Insert.
2.  In the Format address dialog box, choose a format from the Format list box. 


To create a custom address format

1.  In the Format address dialog box, click Custom.
2.  In the Format (arrange fields) box, position the cursor to insert an address field.
3.  In the Fields list box, click a field, and click Insert.  



The most recently used return address becomes the default return address for future documents.



To change envelope settings   


•   Click Format ▸ Envelope



Do the following
Change the position of addresses of an envelope
In the Envelope dialog box, click Address positions. In the Return address position and Mailing address position areas, type values in the following boxes:
  • From left
  • From top
Change the size of an envelope
In the Envelope dialog box, choose a size from the Default envelope list box.
Create a custom size for an envelope
In the Envelope dialog box, click Create new definition. In the Add new form (Adobe Distiller) dialog box, type a name in the Name box. Do one of the following:
  • Choose a Size from the Size box
  • Type values in the Width and Height boxes
Insert a POSTNET bar code
In the Envelope dialog box, enable the Include barcode check box. ClickBarcode. Type a bar code or ZIP code in the Barcode digits box. In thePosition area, enable one of the following options:
  • At cursor position — to insert the bar code at the cursor
  • Position barcode above address — to insert the bar code above the mailing address
  • Position barcode below address — to insert the bar code below the mailing address


To change the position of addresses in an existing envelope, click the Envelope positions button on the property bar, and adjust to the preferred settings.  To change the size of an existing envelope, click the Envelope size  button on the property bar, and choose a new size.  To insert a POSTNET bar code on an existing envelope, click the Bar code  button on the property bar, and specify the options you want.  

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