WordPerfect Office: Why do my Envelopes print off center

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When printing to #10 sized envelopes, the return address may not print and the destination address may print near the top of the envelope.

This can be resolved by creating a custom envelope size as follows:

  1. Click Format, Envelope...
  2. Click the "Create New Definition..." button
  3. Enter the following values:
    Name: Env #10 Custom
    Type: Envelope
    Size: Letter (When this is selected the height will change to 11", and the width will change to 8.5")
    Source: Only change this if your printer requires a specific envelope feeder or tray.
    The remaining settings do not need to be changed.
  4. Click Ok
  5. Using the "Default Envelope:" dropdown, pick "Env #10 Custom"
  6. Click the "Address positions..." button
  7. Enter values as follows (do not use the up/down buttons, simply type them in):
    Return address: From Left 0.25"
    Return address: From Top: 4.65"
    Mailing Address Position: From Left: 4.50"
    Mailing Address Position: From Top: 6.46"
  8. Click Ok.

The address positions in the preview window will appear to be too far down on the envelope. This is normal. The envelope will print correctly.


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