How To Associate Typographic Symbols With Shortcut Keys

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The following will demonstrate how WordPerfect® can associate a typographic character with a shortcut key:

  1. Insert the typographic symbol into a blank WordPerfect document.
  2. Highlight the symbol and copy it.
  3. Go up to Tools and select Settings. Click on Customize.
  4. Click on the Keyboards tab and click Edit.
  5. Place a check mark in 'Allow assignment of character keys'.
  6. Click on the Keystrokes tab and paste the symbol into the white box by holding down Ctrl and hitting V. Once the symbol has pasted into the text box, remove the checkmark from the 'Allow assignment of character keys' check box in order to assign the symbol to a specific key on the keyboard.
    NOTE: Ensure that there are no spaces before or after the symbol
  7. Click on Assign Stroke to Key.
  8. Remove the check mark from 'Allow assignment of character keys'.
  9. Choose a shortcut key and click Ok.


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