How do I restore the template macro prompt dialog after hiding it?

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When a template is opened which contains a Perfect® template macro, a dialog is presented asking if the user wishes to disable the macros in the document. If you answered enable the "Do not show this message again" option and clicked Yes, you will be unable to use any template macros within WordPerfect.

When opening templates which contain Perfect® projects in WordPerfect, some options may not work or may not be shown if the template macros are disabled. If you are not prompted on opening a template containing macros, you may need to reenable the template macros.

If you are not prompted when using a template which contains macros you can follow these directions to restore the prompts to factory default:

Please read this article prior to performing these steps.

Title: How To Back Up, Edit, and Restore the Windows Registry

  1. Close all applications, including WordPerfect.
  2. Click Start, Run.
  3. In the Open text box, type: Regedit and click OK.
    This will launch the Windows Registry.
  4. Click File, Export (or Registry, Export)
  5. In the text box, Save in: select My Documents or Desktop.
  6. Towards the bottom where it says File Name: type CorelBackup
  7. Below to the left, under Export Range, select All and click Save.
  8. The cursor will change to an hour glass and will return to a pointed arrow
  9. Click the + to the left of HKey_Current_User
  10. Click the + to the left of Software
  11. Click the + to the left of Corel
  12. Click the + to the left of WordPerfect
  13. Click the + next to your version number of WordPerfect.
  14. Right-Click on "HideDialogs" and select Delete.
  15. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
  16. Close the Registry Editor with the X in the upper right corner.
  17. Relaunch WordPerfect.

WordPerfect will now prompt you when you open a Template containing template macros.


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