WordPerfect Office: How to create a page of identical labels in WordPerfect

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This document describes how to use WordPerfect® to create a page of identical labels.

Define the Label Sheet and create one Label

  1. Open WordPerfect® to a blank document
  2. Click Format, Labels
  3. Select the label type you will be using and click "Select"
  4. Place the information to be repeated on the label which is on the screen

Duplicate the Label using Merge

  1. Click Tools, Merge
  2. Click Form Document, Create Form Document
  3. Ensure "Use file in active window..." is enabled and click OK
  4. Select "No Association" and click OK
  5. Click Options
  6. Set "Number of copies for each record" to the number of labels on the page (Rows x Columns)
  7. Click Ok
  8. Click Merge

To see a video of this feature in action, click here (410 kb). Requires Windows Media Player 9.


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