WordPerfect mail fails to launch Runtime Error Visual C++ Error

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Sometimes an e-mail will arrive that has corrupt information.  If an e-mail is bad enough, WordPerfect Mail may crash just trying to read the e-mail's detailed information.

There are four steps to recovering from the runtime error

STEP I -  Try to repair the mail database

WordPerfect Mail (abbreviated to WPMail) includes tools to repair the e-mail database.  Instructions to try are included in the below article.

WordPerfect® Mail fails to start. What do I do?

STEP II - Get WPMail to stay open long enough to find/move/delete the problem e-mail.

If WPMail cannot stay open without crashing, our goal is to change the first folder that opens up to another one that will not crash.  An empty folder is preferable.

  1. Make note of the highlighted folder in the folder list when the runtime error appears.  Usually it will be "Inbox".
  2. We need to get into the WP Mail settings folder
    • For Windows XP: Click on the “Start” button, click on “Run”, and type in “%appdata%”, and hit “OK”
    • For Windows Vista/7: Click on the “Start” button, and in “Start Search”, type in “%appdata%”, and then click on “Roaming”
  3. Double-click on the folder “Corel”, and then double-click on the folder “WordPerfect MAIL”
  4. Double-click on the file “Workspace.csx”, and use “Notepad” to open/read the file.
  5. Look for the words “WPMailMainNavController” in the file.  Look for the first instance of “Current-Query” after “WPMailMainNavController”.
  6. We should see (“Name” “Inbox”) and (“Query” folder:”Inbox”).  “Inbox” may replaced with the name of the folder found in step 1)
  7. Change “Inbox” to the name of an clean, hopefully empty, folder we have.  Generally “Drafts” or “Outbox” should work.
  8. Save the file in Notepad
  9. Open WordPerfect Mail

If WordPerfect Mail stays open, we are good to go on to the next step.

STEP III - Turning off the display of corrupt parts of the e-mail

When certain parts of an email are corrupt, they make it likely for our program to crash.  We want to be able to work with the messages without crashing, so we will need to turn off the display of those parts.

  1. Click on the “View” menu, make sure “Message List Pane” is on “Single Line”
  2. In the “View” menu, make sure “Preview Pane” is set to “None”
  3. In the “View” menu, click on “Customize Columns...” and uncheck “From” (sometimes called “Sender”)
  4. Click on the “File” menu and click on “Exit”.  ( Do not choose “Close” ) 

To undo the above steps, usually the below two steps are enough

STEP IV - Find which e-mails are bad and delete them.

Since we can go into the folders without WPMail giving a runtime error, we now have a chance to erase the offending message.

Generally, if the problem is recent, one can narrow down the bad e-mail(s) to have occured around that time.  This means there's probably only certain group of emails that are suspicious.

From there, there are a few different ways of approaching how to get rid fo the bad e-mail(s) from that group of messages.

  1. It would be possible to erase all these new messages to get rid of the problem.
  2. If the group of messages is small enough, and perhaps you see something obviously suspicious:
    • Create a new folder
    • Move the suspicious e-mail into that folder
    • If WP Mail crashes with a runtime error: we can return back into WP Mail, and right-click on the e-mail, and delete it
    • If WP Mail didn't crash, try moving another supsicious e-mail and see if that one cau
  3. If the group of messages is large, and there is no obvious suspicious message, we would generally try a divide and conquer approach.
    • This would involve moving half of the messages into a new folder and seeing if that half of the messages causes a crash.  If that half didn't crash, then we know we need to look at the other half.
      More specifically the approach would involve something similar to the below:
      • Create two new folders, “Test1" and “Test2"
      • Move HALF of the messages to "Test1"
      • If WP Mail crashed, we know that somewhere in that half of the messages is a bad message.  Go back into WP Mail, and try moving half of those messages again.
      • If WP Mail didn't crash, we still need to test the messages that were just moved by undoing the work done in Step III.  If it crashes we know that those are the bad messages.
      • If WP Mail didn't crash, we know those messages are fine, so move them to Test2, out of the way, and repeat Step III... and we know the messages we didn't moveare the bad messages
      • With the messages we know are bad, move half of those into the now empty folder and run the same tests above
      • If you are down to one message by itself, and it is crashing, you can right click on it and delete it permanently

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