WordPerfect Office: Scrambling Text in a sensitive file for Technical Support

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In some instances, technical support may request a document for further investigation. If that file contains sensitive information, you may be unable to send it due to the nature of the file's contents.  This procedure will scramble all readable text in the document while leaving formatting information intact.  Prior to sending the file, you will be able to examine it to ensure that it is indeed safe to send.
  1. In WordPerfect, click Help, About WordPerfect
  2. While holding Ctrl+Shift on your keyboard, click System Info...
  3. This opens WP File Look Utility
  4. Click File, Open
  5. Open the file that you wish to remove the readable text from
  6. Click Edit, Scramble All Text
  7. Change the Output File Name to a new filename, keeping .wpd at the end of the file name.
  8. Click "Remove sensitive data!"
  9. Close WP File Look Utility
This process converts all text to the letter Z. Even so, we strongly recommend once the new, scrambled file has been created, that you open this file in WordPerfect and carefully examine it for sensitive information. Images and OLE objects can contain words, and these cannot be scrambled with this technique.  If you have files which contain sensitive information in such objects, contact Corel Technical Support for assistance in cleaning your specific files.
Once your file(s) are cleaned to your satisfaction, please send the file(s) to technical support.

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