When installing WordPerfect X4. I get a message that Setup.exe has stopped working'

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One may get this message when installing disc versions WordPerfect X4 on Windows Vista.

This message occurs near the beginning of the installation, before one gets to the licensing agreement, or enters the serial number.

We want to install the copy the contents of the disc to a new folder on the harddrive.

  1. Click on the Start Button
  2. Double click on "Computer"
  3. Right-Click on the CD-DVD Drive that has your WordPerfect Disc
  4. Click Copy
  5. Close the windows on your screen until you are at your Desktop
  6. Right-Click on a blank spot on your desktop
  7. Click Paste

Once it is done copying (hopefully with out any errors), double click on the newly created folder.

Double click on Autorun.exe (Application) to start the install.

Note: You may have two autorun files, do not use the one that is of the type "Setup Information"

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