WordPerfect Office: What to do if WordPerfect Office installer does not get past "Initializing... Please Wait"

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Occasionally, the WordPerfect Office setup may wait indefinitely on "Initializing ... please wait while setup loads". This article describes a method to work around this issue by creating a secondary copy of the setup files and then performing a silent installation. 
1. Preparation:
1a. Press Windows+R to open the Run prompt
1b. Type this command, then click OK: cmd.exe /c mkdir %userprofile%\wp
1c. Press Windows+R again to open the Run prompt
1d. Type this, then click OK: %userprofile%\wp
1e. The above command will open an empty folder. We will need that later, so just leave it open for now.
1f. Ensure you have your WordPerfect serial number ready to use.
2. Creating the secondary copy of the setup files:
2a. Start the WordPerfect install as normal and wait for it to get to the Initializing Please Wait screen.
2b. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time.  This will open a Windows tool called "Task Manager"
2c. If you see "More Details" in the bottom left, click on it.
2d. Click the "Details" tab at the top
2e. In the long list of tasks, locate "Setup.exe"
2f. Right click on "Setup.exe" in the list of programs and choose "Open file location".  Keep this window open, we'll need it later.
2g. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+A to select all the files in tis folder.
2h. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+C to copy all the files to the clipboard. You won't see anything happen; this is normal.
2i. Click on the folder from step 1e.
2j. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+V to paste the files from the clipboard.  Wait till this is done, it can take a few minutes.
2k. Cancel the install you started in step 2. It's no longer needed.
3. Performing the silent installation
3a. Click Start and type CMD in the search
3b. In the search results, right click on Command Prompt and choose "Run as Administrator" A black window opens.
3b. NOTE If the text is too small, right click on the title bar and choose properties. You can change the font size there.
3c. We will refer to this window as the CMD window going forward.
3d. Type "cd %userprofile%\wp" and press enter
3e. Type the following command (replace the WPQQQQQ-XXXXXXX-YYYYYYY-ZZZZZZZ with your serial number) and press enter:
3f. Go back to the Task manager window from step 2f. On the details tab, find the "Setup" task.  When it disappears, setup is complete.
3g. Close any windows you opened during this process.  Enjoy using WordPerfect Office!
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